Friday, August 10, 2007

Sycamore to vote on Gold's Gym, offices

North Elevation: Click to enlarge

The Sycamore Township Zoning Commission will consider a modified PUD-2 application for a new office building on August 13.

P&P Real Estate (P&P) is proposing a five-story office building containing 187,000 square feet with an attached six-story parking garage.

The structure, to be built on 4 acres at the corner of Montgomery and Hosbrook roads, will be constructed of pre-cast concrete and glass and will have first-floor retail space, a two-story Gold's Gym, and two floors of offices.

P&P is asking for a reduction in the required number of parking spaces, the reduction of the ten-foot buffer requirement, and allowances to build a 70-foot building in an area with a 35-foot height restriction.

Construction will require demolition of two office buildings and a vacant restaurant building.

The project is being designed by EOP Architects.

7 PM. Sycamore Township Administration Building, 8540 Kenwood Road.

Site plan (garage at bottom): Click to enlarge

East elevation: Click to enlarge

South elevation: Click to enlarge

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