Monday, November 5, 2007

The Banks, block by block

Lots in the Banks PD: Click to enlarge

What will actually be built within the blocks of asphalt and dirt?

The information contained in this post was taken from the Banks' Master Development Agreement. My apologies for the quality of the images--I'm working on getting some better ones.

The square footages and uses I have listed are subject to change based upon market demand.

Phase 1A will begin early next year with blocks 4 and 8/11B.

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Block 1
Freedom Way, Elm, Second, Race

* Mid- to high-rise residential with 380-400 units
* 20,000-28,000 SF of street-level retail along Freedom Way
* An above-grade parking garage mid-block

Block 2
Freedom Way, Race, Second, Vine

* A 160,000-200,000 SF hotel fronting Race, Freedom Way and Second
* A 300,000-350,000 SF Class A office building fronting on Vine
* 25,000-40,000 SF of retail along Freedom Way

Block 4
Freedom Way, Walnut, Second, Main

* A 300,000-400,000 SF Class A office building at Walnut and Second
* Residential along Freedom Way and Main with 160-200 units, starting at six stories near Walnut and stepping up to 10-12 stories closer to Main.
* 24,000-32,000 SF of street-level retail below the residential units
* An above-grade parking garage mid-block, accessible both from Walnut and from Main

Blocks 5/10
Freedom Way, Race, Mehring Way, Elm

* A high-rise residential tower with 490-530 units
* 20,000-30,000 SF of street-level retail and cafe space
* A Race Street cul-de-sac

Blocks 6/11A
Freedom Way, Vine, Mehring Way, Race

* Residential lining all streets with 440-470 units
* 25,000-$35,000 SF of street-level retail along Freedom Way and Vine
* Townhome-style units fronting park
* A mid-block parking garage accessible from Race

Block 7
Freedom Way, Walnut, Theodore M. Berry Way, Vine

* Two signature restaurants flanking 0.6 acres of public greenspace
* A valet drop-off area along Freedom Way

Block 8/11 B
Freedom Way, Main, Mehring Way, Vine

* A high-rise condominium with 160-200 units
* 24,000-28,000 of street-level retail
* Townhome-style units fronting park
* A mid-block parking garage accessible from Vine

Block 13
Corner of Second and Elm

* A limited-service hotel of approximately 40,000-50,000 SF
* Added to PD-43 by City Council vote on October 31

Other notes
* Freedom Way will be the main retail corridor and will be a two-way street with parallel parking
* Mid-block parking garages will be mainly for the use of residents and visitors, while the underground garages will serve Downtown office workers
* A total of 3,691 parking spaces will be created
* Pedestrian access to underground parking will be provided by headhouses similar to the ones around the Riverfront Transit Center
* Sidewalks will be 13 feet wide

Banks master plan overview

Banks Phase IA

Banks street grid

Banks parking lots