Friday, December 14, 2012

Parcels rezoned in Corryville, Linwood

At its meeting on December 5, Cincinnati City Council unanimously approved the rezoning of parcels in Corryville and Linwood.

The rezoning of 0.06 acres at 245 E University Avenue in Corryville from RMX Residential Mixed District to CN-P Commercial Pedestrian District allows for the establishment of a surface parking lot, which will be shared by Uptown Rental Properties and the Highland Coffee House.

The Corryville Community Council approved of the zoning change on October 9.

In Linwood, properties located within Beechmont Circle and south of Beechmont Avenue have been rezoned from MG Manufacturing General and ML Manufacturing Limited districts to SF-2 Single-Family Residential District, eliminating more than 40 non-conforming uses created during the rewriting of the Cincinnati Zoning Code in 2004.

Largely occupied by single-family homes, the non-conforming parcels were recognized in the 2002 Linwood Neighborhood Strategy; however, the Linwood Community Council chose not to vote on the rezoning proposal.