Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Photos: Random Delhi, Walnut Hills, Westwood and Seminary Square

The following assortment of random photos were taken between July 26, 2012 and August 15, 2012.

The first shots come from Westwood, where I was attending a groundbreaking for the new Fire Station No. 35 at 2487 Harrison Avenue.

The next group comes from Covington's Seminary Square neighborhood, where the Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington and some local realtors were holding an open house for several rehabilitated and newly-constructed homeownership units on Banklick Street.

The Delhi Township shots, a study in the mix of single-family and apartment properties along Pedretti Avenue, were taken as part of a photography job. Most of the shots were were taken just south of Fehr Road, but the final two were taken in the vicinity of Foley Road.

Finally, the Walnut Hills pictures were snapped before a Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation "meet-and-greet" at the Brew House.

These 23 photos have been added to the following galleries:
  • Delhi Township +10 (11 photos)
  • Walnut Hills +6 (50 photos)
  • Westwood +4 (44 photos)
  • Seminary Square +3 (11 photos)
Please click on each photo to enlarge to 800 x 600 resolution.

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1. Westwood. Harrison Avenue.

2. Westwood. Harrison Avenue, at Bracken Woods Lane.

3. Westwood. Cincinnati Fire Department Engine Co. 35, based in Westwood.

4. Westwood. Cincinnati Fire Department Mobile Command Center.

5. Seminary Square. Banklick and W 10th streets.

6. Seminary Square. Rehabbed homes on Banklick Street.

7. Seminary Square. The sky.

8. Delhi Township. Hill & Dale Apartments, Pedretti Avenue.

9. Delhi Township. Pedretti Avenue.

10. Delhi Township. Pedretti Avenue.

11. Delhi Township. Pedretti Avenue.

12. Delhi Township. Parkview Garden Apartments, Pedretti Avenue.

13. Delhi Township. Pedretti Avenue.

14. Delhi Township. Pedretti Avenue.

15. Delhi Township. Pedretti Avenue.

16. Delhi Township. Pedretti Avenue and Foley Road.

17. Delhi Township. Pedretti Avenue.

18. Walnut Hills. E McMillan Street and Park Avenue, northwest corner.

19. Walnut Hills. Parkside Cafe, E McMillan Street.

20. Walnut Hills. The Park, Park Avenue and E McMillan Street, southeast corner.

21. Walnut Hills. A close-up.

22. Walnut Hills. The Brew House, E McMillan Street and Park Avenue, southwest corner.

23. Walnut Hills. Blighted building on Park Avenue, from E McMillan Street.