Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Amendment made for, questions asked about Rockford Woods

Cincinnati City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to fund a homeowners association for the residents of Rockford Woods in Northside, repealing one passed just last month.

The ordinance creates a new capital improvement project account that will be funded with $250,000 from the Strategic Housing Initiatives Program '08 capital project account.

The repealed ordinance had not been properly executed.

Approximately $50,000 of the funding will be used to pay for the homeowners association, with the remainder going to pay legal fees and to upgrade the subdivision's private streets to public standards.

The subdivision was abandoned in 2001 by developers EEHV, LLC, leaving incomplete property records and inadequate infrastructure.

The developers' failure to establish a promised homeowners association forced residents of Rockford Woods to pay out of their own pockets for basic maintenance and improvements.

Questions asked

With the resolution of Phase I, some are starting to worry about what a possible Phase II could bring.

Neighborhood resident Karen Nagel has contacted City Council to question plans by EHHV, LLC to build 40 more houses when it took six years to sell 16 in the first phase.

Nagel also notes that three lots from the first phase remain unsold, and she worries that the City will just end up bailing out the developers again.

Marian Ruman, who lives on a street adjacent to the development, also has written a letter to City Council saying that, even though she has seen paths and survey flags on the site, it has been difficult to gather any information.

"I do admit that the homes that have already been built look very nice, but I am strongly opposed to continued destruction of the woodland around Rockford Place," she said.

Ruman also notes that a tree fell during a recent storm - blocking the only point of egress for her and her neighbors - and she wants to know if the plat she saw many years ago has been changed to address that.

Nagel agrees.

"Our infrastructure can barely handle what we have now," she said. "We surely can't handle 40 more households!"

A report on both letters is due back before City Council by the end of this month.

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